3. Deliver to Teachers and then Students

There are two ways to collect your data.  You can find your own subjects or use our subject pool.

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If you choose to use our subject pool we will approve your study and then place it in our ASSISTments Certified Problem sets. Most of our users are middle school math teachers and their students. Our Skill Builders are very popular and so we have a goal of having a study in every skill builder.  You will get much more data from our subject pool if you decide to build your study in a skill builder.  

If you choose to find your own subject pool you can have them use the Classic ASSISTments site or they can assign the problem set through our LTI using their own learner management system or you can use ASSISTments Direct to create and deliver links to teachers and or students for use in their classrooms. ASSISTments direct does not require teachers and students to create accounts. This section has instructions on how to use the LTI. So far we have tried our LTI with Moodle, EdX, Schoology, Canvas.