ASSISTments can be embedded into any common LMS using LTI.  ASSISTments has written code to comply with LTI so you can embed your ASSISTments problem set into Coursera, edX, Moodle, NovoEd, Blackboard, Canvas or just about any other LMS. LTI is a non-propreitary standards that a variety of systems have adopted to allow external "tools" to be "plugged in".  

There are instructions for how to use the LTI 
with each of these LMSs  




Our LTI Parameters.

The website URL for connecting is:
The consumer key:
Shared secret:
The secret may change. In the future, e-mail for the key and secret.

In custom parameters add the entry:
Where 'PS#' is the problem set ID, which starts with "PS".

The PS# is for a problem se you built or one that you have found in ASSISTments.  You must have an ASSISTments account to get the PS or have received it from someone else.  The students using the LMS however do not need to have an ASSISTments account.