AERA 2015 Seminar

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The invitation for the event is below.

Join us at AERA: Learn how to leverage our subject pool to do your research. 
ASSISTments: A Shared Scientific Instrument for research on student learning. 

Seminar Hosted by 
Neil Heffernan, WPI and 
Jim Pellegrino, UIC

April 19 at AERA 2015 Chicago

3-hour Workshop  1:00 - 4:00 pm

Chancellor Room of the Fairmont Hotel

There is something very powerful about scientists sharing an expensive tool.  Astronomers benefit from the Hubble Telescope, physicists share very expensive particle accelerators. Now there is a tool, and a subject pool, that can be shared by education researchers!  It is ASSISTments, a free public service of WPI. NSF has funded the expansion of ASSISTments from a tool only used for research at WPI to one that is shared by researchers around the country creating a shared scientific instrument.  And unlike telescopes and particle accelerators, you don't have to queue up to use it.  We currently have 8 researchers from around the country who have completed the process of applying, designing, creating, launching and analyzing the data from their study in ASSISTments.