What you can do to help

 NSF Reviewers need to know that folks like you want to be able to use shared scientific instruments like this. 

Currently we have an April 1st deadline to collect letters of commitment for a NSF proposal.

Support us by filling out a "letter (or memo) of collaboration".  Each of the researchers using this tool and the subject pool will be a collaborator under this call (here is the call)

  1. Send me a "form letter" of collaboration. Here are the official instructions for the "letter": “Each letter of collaboration must be signed by the designated collaborator. Letters deviating from this template are not accepted and may be grounds for returning the proposal without review.” They also say "No additional text, especially elaboration of the nature of activities to be undertaken by the collaborator and endorsements of the potential value or significance of the project for the collaborator, may be included." (This is very different from the real letters you see later on this page).

  2. The exact letter is here, just copy it and fill in the yellow blanks.  It refers to “Tasks described in the proposal” The task you are signing up for is to investigate using the shared scientific instrument, ASSISTments, and its subject pool to run an experiment or use the data from a study.

This proposal will be based on a recent proposal. Find it here.  The project description refers to section A.3.3, you would be considering the work of one of the “many researchers”.  

Template to be used for letters of collaboration (word version)

To: NSF SL Program

From: ___________________(Printed name of the individual collaborator or name of the organization and name and position of the official submitting this memo)

By signing below (or transmitting electronically), I acknowledge that I am listed as a collaborator on this SL collaborative network proposal, entitled "The Role of Generating & Receiving Explanations in Learning: Network for Online Experimentation" with Neil Heffernan as the Principal Investigator. I agree to undertake the tasks assigned to me or my organization, as described in the project description of the proposal, and I commit to provide or make available the resources specified therein.

Signed: _______________________

Organization: ________________________________

Date: _________________________

Submit your "letter of collaboration"  to Neil Heffernan at ASSISTments-research@wpi.edu, we will take a screenshot of your e-mail.  If you have any questions please write us at this address as well we are happy to provide details.  

It will look like this: 

In previous grants we had wonderful letters of support from some great leaders in the field.  You can read them here.  
But for this grant, we have to have these "form letters" or "Memos" so you can not say why you think this is good idea or specifically how you would like to use this platform.  

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