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5 Stages for Research with ASSISTments

ASSISTments is a tool for you to create and run your studies.  The team at WPI will support you as you create your study. You can also run your study with our pool of students. 

Our goals:  
  • To help you create the best study possible 
  • To make sure that study is suitable for our pool of teachers (if you choose to use our pool of students)
  • To confirm it qualifies as comparing normal instructional strategies (a stipulation of our IRB)  

This is the process you follow to do a study in ASSISTments
  1. Develop your research idea: If you choose to use our pool of students then submit your study and have a phone call meeting with Cristina Heffernan at WPI. Go to "Getting Started" to start that process.
  2. Create your problem set by creating an account at ASSISTments.org.
  3. Collect data, you can use our subject pool or use our direct tool to deliver your study from anywhere online. 
  4. Analyze the data you receive from our ALI system. Get it delivered on demand or once a week as the content is used. 
  5. Write your paper: Write up your results and submit it for publication.