1. Start with Your Research Idea

Every study conducted in ASSISTments will be unique.  Your job is to take your expertise and determine how to implement it in ASSISTments.

This section will go along with our ASSISTments: As a Researchers Tool site.  There we link to the publications of studies that used ASSISTments to collect data. Here we will show you a behind the scenes look at how the study was built. 

Every study is unique but there are some overarching design features we want to demonstrate in these examples.
  • Stand alone problem sets or using the individual assignment feature (this requires cooperation with a teacher)
  • Skill builder problem set or a problem set where there is a set number of problems (this, especially the Skill Builder, works well with our subject pool).
  • Responses giving in the "hint" boxes or using the "scaffolding" system or using the feedback message.