b. Studying the Dweck Intervention

This study is in preparation.  Working with a colleague from the Lytics Lab at Stanford University, we designed this problem set to further investigate the effect of Dweckian motivational messages within ASSISTments.  In each condition the students were asked these questions before and after a video to gauge their mindset.
This study uses:
    1. Stand alone problem set (using randomization by the Skill Builder).
    2. Skill builder problem set.
    3. Using the scaffold response.
    The Problem Set
    This is a stand alone problem set where a skill builder does the randomization.
    This is a skill builder, students have to get three prime factorization problems correct.

    The outside problem set is a skill builder (see orange).   The ID for this problem set is PSAKUSU in case you want to make a copy and take a closer look. Because it is a skill builder one of the three sections (see purple) is selected at random. Next the student goes through one of these sections in a linear order.  

    The first section PPTC has two sections first the Intro then the SB, they are given out in linear order (see orange). You can see in the green that this is showing the PPTC section which has no individual problems just two sections.   

    The intro has three problems, first M1 the survey question then the video and finally M2 the second survey question (see purple).  These are delivered linearly then the student goes to the SB section where they work until they get three right in a row.  The three problems in the Intro are in "Test" mode and will be marked wrong (a clever combination) this allows these problems to not count for the three right in a row in the skill builder. 

    The Conditions
    Scaffolding is used to deliver the worked example as tutoring and the extra message in the experimental group.

    This is M1, given to everyone
    At this point the students watch video, see below for the different videos.
    This is M2, given to everyone 
    After the video intervention they were all asked to get three factoring questions like this in a row (that is complete an ASSISTments skill builder).

    This is the Control video. 


    This is what the tutoring looked like.

    Experiment 1

    This is the Mind Set video in a Power Point format.

    This is what the tutoring looked like.

    Experiment 2

    This is the Mind Set video in a "fancy" format.

    This is what the tutoring looked like.