d. Worked Examples

The results indicated that tutored problem solving is significantly better than worked examples in terms of the average gain of students in each condition.  The scaffolding question tutoring also took significantly more time.  
This study uses:
  1. Stand alone problem set (using the choose condition).
  2. A problem set where there is a set number of problems.
  3. Using the scaffold response.

The Problem Set
A choose condition is used
Each student sees a total of 11 problems, 6 of them are Pythagorean Theorem problem

This is the problem set editor.  All the students do the three parts Pre-Test, Experiment, Post-Test (purple).  Students do these in a linear order (orange).  The next image show what the Experiment looks like. 

In the Experiment you can see the choose condition (orange) is used to do the randomization into condition between the Scaffold and the Worked Example condition (purple) in the Experiment section (green). 

Here you can see the three items (purple) in the scaffold section (green). These are delivered linear order (orange)
The Conditions
Scaffolding is used to deliver the worked example and the questions.
Worked Examples Tutoring
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Scaffold Question Tutoring
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