Participating Researchers

Researchers from the universities listed below have submitted their ideas since our NSF grant funding.  They received coaching from Cristina Heffernan and have begun to build their experiments. 

Boston College
Freiburg University
Harvard University
Indiana University
Northwestern University
Southern Methodist University
Texas A&M
University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
University of California- Berkeley 
University of Maine
University of Wisconsin

Papers that use the E-Trials Testbed to run studies in ASSISTments.

Dr. Heffernan is not on an author on these papers. (There are nine other studies in which Heffernan is listed as an author).

I am proud of the fact that we let others propose studies to be run on our shared scientific instrument.

RCT1 Fyfe, E. (2016) Providing feedback on computer-based algebra homework in middle-school classrooms. Computers in Human Behavior 63. 568-574

RCT2 Koedinger, K. & McLaughlin, E. (2016) Closing the Loop with Quantitative Cognitive Task Analysis. In Barnes, Chi & Feng (eds) The 9th International Conference on Educational Data Mining. Pp 412-417.

RCT3 McGuire, P., Tu, S., Logue., M., Mason, C., Ostrow, K. (2017) Counterintuitive effects of online feedback in middle school math: results from a randomized controlled trial in ASSISTments. Educational Media International. 54:3, 231-244, DOI: 10.1080/09523987.2017.1384161

RCT4 Walkington, C., Clinton, V., & Sparks, A. (accepted pending minor revisions). The effect of language modification of mathematics story problems on problem-solving in online homework. Instructional Science.

RCT5 Hurst, M. A., Cordes, S. (2018) Labeling Common and Uncommon Fractions Across Notation and Education. Proceeding of Cognitive Science. 1841-1846

RCT6 Jiang, Y., Almeda, M., Kai, S., Baker, R., Ostrow, K., Inventado, P., & Scupelli, P. (in preparation) Single Template vs. Multiple Templates: Examining the Effects of Problem Structure on Performance. Manuscript in preparation for Cognitive Science.