Description of a Skill Builder

Skill Builders are very popular at  They consist of hundreds of problems that students work on until they get three right in a row. The typical skill builder has problems that are all from the same skill and each problem offers a set of hints to help the student learn the skill.  Teachers have the option of turning on the Automatic Reassessment and Relearning System which allows students to be assessed one week later.  The assessment is one problem pulled from the skill builder.  If a student gets it right that is recorded, if they get it wrong they have to complete the skill builder again. 

This image shows the report a teacher gets for a skill builder. Notice that the names are hidden, this Anonymize feature allows the teacher to share the report with students. Five students have been highlighted to demonstrate the data given in the report. 

Student 1: This student did not start the problem set.
Student 2: This student got the first three problems correct in one sitting and it took 34 seconds.
Student 3: This student took 2 days and 5 min 18 sec to finally get three right in a row. It took 13 attempts.
Student 4: This student tried 20 times and spent 6 min 38 sec but this student never succeeded to get three right in a row.
Student 5: This student did not finish on time but after 3 days, 6 min and 28 sec, and 27 attempts to succeed.