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Data Dump Glossary

Once your experiment is used by students you will begin to get data.  Whether you get on our automated Saturday e-mail or use the Data Fetcher. 
Most of the terms are the same across the files.  For detailed information on the different files go to these pages. 

Data From Within Your Experiment
  1. Action Level - One row per action. A good place to understand where the data comes from look at this first.
  2. Problem Level - One row per problem per student. This spreadsheet will have fewer rows than the action level one since there are multiple actions per problem for each student.
  3. Student Level - This spreadsheet collapses the rows from Problem Level but in doing so adds many more columns, one for each problem the student did. Use the glossary to understand how we give multiple information on each problem while maintaining one row per student.
  4. Student Level + Problem Level - A set of rows per student, each row is for a problem "feature" collected for each problem completed by that student. The problems are shown in opportunity order by what problem the student saw first, sometimes this differs from student to student.

Data From before on your subject pool before they began their experiment.

  • Data from your subject pool before they began their experiment. This data is different. It includes student level features (such as gender) Class level Features (Homework Completion, and School Level Features such as (State, Urban Suburban). It also has Student by Class level features (the homework completion of this student z-scored within their class.)