One row per action. A good place to understand where the data comes from look at this first. For each problem a student works on, there is a sequence of actions associated with that problem.  The Action Level Report contains the sequence of actions for each student on each problem.  The following columns are included in the Action Level report.

Here is an example of a sample file

Download the file from the image to see the whole thing. 
How to look at this file

  • In row 3, column J and K the student first types 1/64 and was marked correct.  In row 3 column E you see this was problem PRAVJUV.
  • In row 9, column J and K the student did the third problem (PRAVJVV) typed in "10^-3" and was marked wrong.     
  • In row 10, column J and K you can see the student typed in 1/1000 as a second attempt which was correct.  
  • In row 25, column C you see that the data for a new student (118662) is being presented. 
  • In row 27, column I you see that this student asked for a hint after entering 1/4^3 a wrong answer.  
  • In row 27 - 29, column L YOu can see the student asked for a series of three hints in a row spending only about 1 second per hint